Innovative food processing technology

taaas offers TODAY’S best available technology to produce TOMORROW’S MEAT. Radically novel and extremely efficient. Every kilo again.

Create the look, feel and texture of REAL MEAT from plant based ingredients.With an unrivalled taste.At a very competitive cost.

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My story

Being a creative cook, I began to experiment with tasty and healthy meals for my family and guests.Easy to prepare, using ingredients with a positive impact on our environment.In short more plants less meat

The meat successors I bought in supermarkets were in many cases disappointing. So, I went looking for the best products on the market. The solution, I found in Denmark. I started talking to Source Technology and the rest is … FUTURE.

Food processing equipment and technology

At taaas we love offering a Triple A service. Always. Until the desired results are achieved.Reach out to us for new equipment investments, for plant based NPD projects, engineering and installation.taaas also offers after market services for installed equipment: spare parts, machine condition analyses, productivity optimisation of your assets and training of your (new) staff.

Source Technology

De PowerHeater™️, invented and produced by Source Technology from Denmark, creates a real meat like structure and texture, from plant-based ingredients or meat trim. The output is a high-quality product, which tastes, looks, and feels like any given piece of meat.The sky is the limit. A few applications have been well explored. The results, you can taste yourself. Contact us for samples.

The PowerHeater™️ is based on 3D-extrusion technology transferring energy into a meat emulsion or plant-based dough to coagulate the protein, creating a fibrous, meaty texture.
You can make meat, hybrid, vegan or vegetarian meat substitutes in the same process with this unique technology.

The open 3D-orientation of the fibres makes for a high-quality, succulent product, while the low temperature and pressure keep the perfect bite and taste.
No further processing is needed. You'll have a finished ready-to-eat product with the PowerHeater™️ / FlexiCut.The plant based meat just needs cooling and packing before shipment.

Inline inspection

The Bulk Density System (BDSTM) provides frequent inline sampling and analysis of bulk density, temperatue and moisture. A very high measuring accuracy for all type of pellets, which ensures superior control ofessential processing equipment, e.g. extruders and dryers. Running frequent analyses of pellet quality helps minimize problems such as over or under-filled bags, mouth-feel, starch gelatinization, bacteria growth, as well as fat absorption.The measurements are saved to a QC file. You want to know how BDSTM can improve your production and products.


The latest technology to produce formed planted based meat. A turnkey, highly efficient production line based on a continuous process with low operating cost.Nothing beats Sobatech when it comes to continuous mixing!Sobatech integrates full automated ingredient dosing (dry and wet ingredients), pre-mixing, hydrating TVP (Texturized Vegetable Proteins) and mixing as the first step in producing plant based burgers, nuggets and “meat” balls.Read here how it works

Colubris Bioresource Solutions

Local ingredients upcycled from organic side and waste streams: dream or realty?If you process vegetables or if you are a food producer and you generate in your process high volume rest streams, then there is a big chance you are sitting on a gold mine.Organic side streams for instance contain interesting nutrients (fibres, taste, colourants, proteins, carbohydrates, …)Are you interested to learn how to valorise these valuable nutrients?

We design and build a tailor made biorefinery to upcycle your organic waste streams. The upcycled nutrients such as fibres, proteins, carbohydrates, taste and colourants preserve a high quality and functionality which creates an interesting return. They can be used as ingredients to produce food products.Our biorefinery process uses a minimum energy and water and generates no waste.A cornerstone of your circular economy strategy.

We start investigating quantity and quality of your waste streams.Followed by a proof-of-concept testing in our pilot refinery.

Let’s MEAT

You will find taaas at one of the following events.

Benelux food truck tour “taaas on wheels”

October 2023. Book Below!

Visit to Anuga in Köln

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th October 2023

Visit to Plant Based World Europe in London

Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th November 2023

PowerHeater™️ Demodag, Kolding

Donderdag 16 november 2023. Book Below!

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